Buy iPhone SE 2 Gen (2020)

As low as $0.00
As low as $0.00
How iPhone SE 2 Gen (2020) will look: Like New

Screen: Perfect condition

Body: May have barely visible micro-scratches, not noticeable from 8 inches away

How iPhone SE 2 Gen (2020) will look: Very Good

Screen: May have light scuffs

Body: May have micro-scratches visible from 8 inches away

How iPhone SE 2 Gen (2020) will look: Poor

Screen: May have micro-scratches that are not noticeable when the screen is turned on

Body: May show visible and tactile signs of wear and tear such as scratches and/or dents

iPhone SE (2020) - 64/128/256 GB - Black/White/Red - Unlocked

What’s in the box?

All phones come with a compatible charging cable. To reduce e-waste, AC adapter and headphones are not included.

  •  iPhone SE (2020)
  •  Charging cable
    Color Black/White/Red

Screen size (inches) 4.7

 Is the phone Unlocked or tied to a carrier? Fully unlocked (GSM & CDMA)

 Sim Card Format Nano

 Storage 64/128/256 GB

 eSIM Yes

 Rear Camera Megapixels 12


 Screen Resolution 1334 x 75

Verizon compatible Yes

AT&T compatible Yes

 T-Mobile compatible Yes

 Sprint Compatible No

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