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Sell your iPad Air

It’s true that money talks! And Klymen is speaking your language! is going to buy your iPad Air! Of course, you can let it gather dust or let it earn you me money! Do the right thing and send your iPad Air our way! At we can hardly keep up with the demand! We get phone calls and emails all day long asking us, “Please help me sell my iPad Air” No problem! We're going to show you how the Klymen system works and how much you're going to get paid for a used iPad Air! The price we offer you for an iPad Air is determined by the condition of your device and the memory size. And you'll be happy to know that you can sell new iPad Air as well! Yet another example of Klymen working for you!

 At we're practically putting money in your pocket! When you sell to you always get the best price!

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Sell iPad Air 2nd Generation

Sell iPad Air 3rd Generation

Sell iPad Air 4th Generation 


Help us help you! Selling us your iPad Air is SECURE, and EASY as 1-2-3!   

1. Step One.

Select your device, and answer a few easy questions and get instant offer. Our offer is valid for 15 days and risk-free.

2. Step Two

Shipping is always free! Just ship your device to us using our prepaid shipping-label! Once we receive your order, we'll e-mail you a prepaid shipping-label and packing-slip.  And don't worry, if you don't have a shipping box we'll give you one for free as well!

3. Step Three

Get paid! We pay fast and on the same day that we receive the device from you! You can choose to be paid by check or get paid instantly with PayPal. It's that simple!

 Fast payment ..great prices ...outstanding service. As easy as 1-2-3...!