Understanding The Price – Answering ‘how much is my iPhone Xr worth’!

The price offered is determined by the condition and also the service provider of the iPhone Xr you wish to sell. If your device is unlocked or Verizon, you will get a higher offer. An unlocked phone is convenient to use and certainly more user-friendly than a locked one. But, do not worry, if your iPhone Xr is locked! You can still sell unlocked iPhone Xr – all you need to do is first unlock it. You need to dial 611 and ask the technical support team to unlock your iPhone.


When you wish to sell your iPhone Xr you need to keep a few things in mind:

  • When you sell iPhone Xr, the better the condition of your iPhone Xr the better price it shall fetch!
  • An unlocked iPhone Xr will fetch you more price than a locked one.
  • Popular service providers are worth more and will fetch you more money for your iPhone Xr.


How To Sell Your iPhone Xr In Easy Steps:         

1. Step One.

Select your device, and answer a few easy questions and get instant offer. This offer will be valid for 15 days and is completely risk free. In case we inspect your device and need to lower your offer we'll e-mail you with new quote. You can choose to accept a new offer or get your device shipped back to you for free!

2. Step Two.

Shipping is FREE! Just ship your device to us using our prepaid shipping-label! Once we receive your order, we'll e-mail you a prepaid shipping-label and packing-slip. And don't worry, if you don't have a shipping box we'll give you one for free as well!

3. Step Three.

Get paid quickly! We pay fast. Payment is done mostly on the same day that we receive the device from you! You can choose to be paid by check or get paid instantly with PayPal. It's that simple!


Get In Touch Right Away Sell New Or Used iPhone Xr In Few Easy Steps!

Sell Apple iPhone Xr

Apple iPhone Xr

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Please be advised that if your iPhone is currently under a Finance Plan with T-Mobile, there will be an additional deduction of $150 due to this.
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$ 430
Used Like New
  • Device is flawless: no signs of wear on screen, metallic frame and back cover
  • Device is fully functional: all buttons work perfectly, screen is fully functional
  • Device must have no sign of water damage
  • Have a clean IMEI (no longer financed, not reported lost or stolen)